Photo: Robin Thicke/VEVO

By Sierra Marquina

There’s no denying everyone can use a little Internet video search throughout the day sometimes.

From cat videos to music videos, there was no lack of entertainment provided on the worldwide web this year.

So what was the most searched video of 2013? Not surprisingly, it was Robin Thicke‘s controversial music video for his hit single “Blurred Lines“.

Coming in second was the search for Minecraft videos, while rounding out the top three was a generic “funny videos” search.

See below for the complete list of the top searched videos this year!

Top-Searched Videos on Yahoo 2013:

1. Blurred Lines unrated video
2. Minecraft videos
3. Funny videos
4. Sophia Grace video
5. Gangham style video
6. Wrecking Ball video
7. Funny cat videos
8. Harlem shake videos
9. Zumba workout videos
10. Kevin Ware leg video